September 26, 2019

'Thank you for adopting to us our best friend!'

Flex's mama was a black German shepherd — we also took care of her at our shelter — but it turns out that his daddy was a bluetick coonhound, so his owners say they get to wake up every day to a good ol' song. 😆
Flex's family updated us recently: "I wanted to send a thank you for adopting to us our best friend! In December of 2017 we showed up and fell in love with a little 6-week-old puppy that was born in the shelter."
"Here are some photos of how big he has gotten — 98 pounds of energy and he’s not even 2 years old yet."
Flex's family would love to hear from other folks who adopted the others from his litter — there were 9 pups (!) with names that all started with S. You can email us at
"He’s a great dog and we are very grateful. We wish we would have adopted one of his brothers too!"

Thank you for adopting Flex from the Clinton County Humane Society and giving him such an amazing life!