February 13, 2021

Annie is 'leading the life of luxury' with a volunteer

We don’t feature our volunteers’ adopted animals often enough, so we are happy to share these photos of Annie (formerly Taffy), who was adopted a week ago by one of our fantastic volunteers, Pam.

Pam had watched Annie grow up as a kitten at the shelter. Annie is one of a litter of tabby cats who spent the first several months of their lives waiting to be adopted.
They have all been adopted now, and their owners have each said how loving they are.
Pam told us, “She is the sweetest cat. ... Her favorite toy, besides typical cat mice, etc., is a plastic straw. Go figure!
“As you can see from the pictures, she is leading the life of luxury.”
Thank you, Pam, for all you do for the Clinton County Humane Society, including giving one of our adorable kitties a forever home!