February 10, 2021

Kali and her new best friend love to play in the snow

 A couple weeks before Christmas, Kali (named Zola at the shelter) went to her forever home, where she has a canine sister named Kira around her same age. 

Kali snuggled with her human sister the whole 3.5-hour car ride back. 😍

Kali and Kira love running around in the snow AND then they love snuggling afterward with blankets on the couch.

Kali lives in northern Ohio now, and she was lucky to find a forever family who appreciates everything about her. They celebrate holidays with gifts for the dogs and, most important, they allowed Kira and Kali a few days to get to know each other better when they weren't instant friends. 

They may not have been friends at first sight, but they are best friends now.

Thank you for adopting Kali from the Clinton County Humane Society!