December 7, 2023

Tupelo 'loves to be on adventures'

We asked to see other Rottweilers from a litter of 10 purebred pups whose first birthday is today, and we received a few updates that we will post. 

This is Tupelo Davis, one of the litter. Happy birthday, Tupelo!

His family told us: “He really is a fantastic dog! He is very social with everyone, other dogs, kids, strangers. He loves to be on adventures and truly enjoys every bit of life; swimming, hiking, training ... he is in! 

“He's a third-time training class graduate and will be going for his Canine Good Citizen certificate in January. 

“No major medical issues, eats everything, so gets GI upset periodically. He's going in to have his hips checked, precautionary, in the next few months. 

“I LOVE seeing the others ...OMG!! 

“All of mine were always rescues so I've never gotta a chance to see any of my other dogs’ siblings.”

Thank you for adopting Tupelo Davis from the Clinton County Humane Society! 

The rotties had come to the humane society from a person who bred them on purpose but was then unable to care for them. 

Through our shelter’s “Project Abigail,” we were able to take the puppies, get them spayed/neutered and have them vaccinated, and find loving homes for all of them — as well as spaying/neutering the puppies’ parents so that we could stop the cycle of unwanted litters.