December 17, 2022

A message from Riley Jade the kitten

"This is a message from Riley Jade, but you probably remember me as JiJi who was adopted in June by my human, Whitney. 

"I'm doing really well! I'm a big 6-month-old now, and my doctor says I have good strong, healthy lungs & heart, my tummy is good, and I even have all of my big girl teeth now! I like him OK, even though he gave me shots in my butt! 🥴

"My kitty big sister, Emma, is starting to adjust to me. I say she loves me but just won't admit it! When we're not chasing each other at top speed, we like to watch the birds & squirrels together. Recently, I've been watching the leaves fall outside, and I'm very excited to see this snow stuff the humans keep talking about!

"My humans are great! I love to sneak up and play tag with Mama, plus if I'm good she'll share a bite of her food with me! My human big sister, Whitney, who I'm making type this for me, is my favorite human. I follow her everywhere and make her cradle me in her arms like a human baby. My doctor even commented on our bond. I take most of the credit for that — I'm very lovable!

"Some of my favorite things are my many toys, my kitten treats that are made just for babies like me, and paper grocery bags that  are TONS of fun. And I've just discovered this neat thing called a heater that looks like a fireplace and I like to stretch out in front of it & get toasty warm when it's cold.

"Well, I just wanted to say hi! I'm having my human attach some pictures of me. I'm so cute that a video of me Whitney posted online got 2K views in a day & a half! Well, it's a rainy night so I'm going to get in bed with Whitney and watch TV, which I love!

"Love & Paw Prints,

Riley Jade"

The Clinton County Humane Society is glad you found a great adoptive home, Riley Jade!