December 10, 2022

'It seems as though he knows he’s handsome again'

It has been more than six weeks since Rex (formerly known as Sid) was adopted after he had been abandoned. Rex was kind of a mess, but his adopter took a chance on him, and she recently updated us to tell us how happy they are that Rex is part of their family.

"Rex came to you/me as severely malnourished and underweight stray. Well, after a month of good food, lots of treats and coconut oil, he is back to a very healthy weight and a shiny coat with no more dandruff. (I’m guessing he’s gained approximately 10-15 lbs.). It seems as though he knows he’s handsome again, too. I swear he struts his stuff when we’re out and about! He looks fantastic now, and he knows it.

"I am assuming he was abandoned, because he does have so much love to share with any willing human. Cuddling and relaxation is definitely his superpower and preferred activity. He does a slow approach, cuddle sneak when ever he’s trying to get a good lap position. 

"Rex was adopted into a family with a younger dog who has a bit more energy than Rex. Most of the time, Rex is a willing playmate for his younger brother, Lincoln. Rex has developed excellent manners off leash, comes when he’s called, sits, and willingly puts on his outdoor jacket and gets his paws waxed. (Oh, yes, Rex now lives in St. Paul, MN. The dogs here get bundled up to go out in the winter!). We are working on other commands like “lay down” and “stay." Rex wants to please so bad, and sometimes it looks as if he’s thinking back into his old days to conjure up those words and their meanings … 

"The first few days I had Rex, I doubted myself … had I made a mistake? But knowing that everything happens for a reason and seeing how much Rex has flourished and how good it makes me feel to have him always by my side loving on me and keeping me warm melts away any doubt I’ve ever had about bringing Rex into my life. Can’t imagine it without him. Thank you so much."

Thank you for adopting from the Clinton County Humane Society!