December 24, 2022

'Cuddling is his favorite'

When shelter volunteers dream of homes for the unwanted and neglected animals who end up at our humane society, we are dreaming that they are just like this one. 

This boy's home is perfect for him. And now he even gets to nap under Christmas trees, which is what we sometimes think shelter pets dream of.

Rescued by the dog warden, Bentley had matted, patchy fur and was generally looking pretty rough, even though his cuteness came shining through.

Lucky for him, he was adopted into an awesome family of dog people who not only care for him and love him but teach him new tricks and manners. Named Woody by his new family, he started to look better really quickly — that could have something to do with all the comfy beds and couches he sleeps in now. (He hogs the pillow. 🤣)

Woody's family told us: "He loves to go on car rides and take walks, and cuddling is his favorite." He is good with the family's other dogs, and he puts his head on the grandbabies. 

Best of all, he is loved like we wish all pets were loved. 

Thank you for adopting Woody from the Clinton County Humane Society, and please tell him Merry Christmas!