December 13, 2022

'She is our sassy little spitfire sweetie'

We are all ears for this update on Molly!

"Good afternoon, Clinton County Humane Society! 

"I just wanted to send a note of thanks to you and an update on Molly, who we adopted from you all 2 years ago ... She is our sassy little spitfire sweetie who loves as hard as she barks at passersby from our porch! 

"I can't imagine our life without her, and I'm fairly certain no being will ever love me the way this little girl does. We love her so much, and I like to think she is so happy to be a part of our family! Our pack love fest was made possible by your amazing organization and I'm grateful to you for the work you did not only in connecting our family to Molly, but for all of the other families you have made whole with all of the pets you have helped out as well. 

"Please enjoy a few pictures of Molly enjoying her best life and know that you have our deepest gratitude!"

Thank you for adopting Molly from the Clinton County Humane Society!